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The Divine Experience

"The Divine Experience" is a Microlock Course that was created to teach you the foundation of textures and density, skill, confidence, and business structure.

We are so excited to announce that "THE DIVINE EXPERIENCE" is now offering a Financing Option. If you are interested in more information about our financing please click the link below!

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Are you Eager to learn more about a growing industry? This industry is not only in your city and state; it is also international. Learning such skills, that can stay with you for a lifetime throughout many stages of your life which is uncommon in today's time.



Tianna Knight is the owner of The Divine Look. She is a Cosmetologists who specializes in Lock Services with experience of 10 years and counting. She is also a Realtor, Business Coach, and Educator. Which allows her to exercise her Degree in Business Management. She coaches Locticians and those interested in service. She is a core pillar of The Divine Look Team as they aim to make client's journey one to remember. She is also a vital part of Sisterlocks Speaks inspired by giving a voice to people who truly need it.


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When I decided to take the class, I did have some fear. Fear that I wasn't going to learn much in enough time. But I was wrong, the class not only provided a wealthy amount of knowledge and Tianna's "Blue Print" of information, but hands on experience on the first day as well, in which I loved. I learned and gained so much that I'm ready to tackle on and embark on this new journey and business avenue with confidence and knowing that I got this!

- Desiree Osei Bobie -

With this Microlock Skill, it is easy to make a Career Pivot from Part Time to Full Time. While having the pleasure of choosing your own schedule.

You know I started my loc journey a year and a half ago and I haven't had the best experience with it (and then I found you!) when I came to you I was ready to throw the towel in and just give up. You were able to talk me off the ledge and offer solutions to continue my journey! You established trust me and I am so pleased with the knowledge I gained in your course. You really cover all the necessary details and it's presented beautifully!! You were patient with me (even when I was being super hard on myself) and I walked away with a new skillset and mindset! You truly inspired me with you knowledge and confidence. I am forever grateful.


- Keneshia Outlaw -

Don't worry... We will teach you aspects of business as well. Learning how many clients you can handle in a month, and how to schedule your maintenance appointments accordingly to help you stay organized.

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We are so EXCITED to have you!

"Tianna went above and beyond with this class! Her hands-on approach, and willingness to share her years of experience were amazing. She took the time break to down everything that comes with Microlocs and fully answered all of our questions. I left this class truly lacking nothing. I highly recommend this class to any and everyone that is even thinking about starting this journey."

- Phoebe Porter -


Are you ready to become a Microlock Practitioner, that is set apart from the rest? This Course will teach you other steps about the process that haven't been shared, based on experience. Education is a KEY piece of "The Divine Look", we ensure that we impart the knowledge into you. Not only will you learn a skill or business tips, you will also learn the knowledge that your client needs to know prior to the service, during the service, and after the service.

“I just completed the Divine Look Experience course in June of 2021. After completing the course, I can confidently say, Tianna taught the class how to fish in terms of teaching us about microlocks. I can confidently maintain my own locs which has been a portion of my practice after the course. It’s up to the students to continue to practice and build upon what Tianna had given us the foundation for.”


- Kierra Westmoreland -

“Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

“Tianna Knight is very knowledgeable about locs and natural hair. Throughout the duration of class you could see the passion and the drive that Tianna had for her students to succeed. The class was very informative and well planned out. After completing the class I felt fully prepared and excited to start my hair business.”

- Keianna Springer -


key components

Here are a Few                         that you will learn:

  • Foundation of Hair

  • Installation of Locks

  • Installation Grid 

  • Retightening Locks & Many More…

The Divine Look microlock course provided by Tianna “T” Knight was absolutely phenomenal! T is a great instructor that makes sure everyone is prepared upon completing the microlock course. Not only does she give all the information she knows, T is very open and receptive to all questions and feedback! I really love the package that was included with the course, it was cute and thoughtful! Very much like T and the entire Divine Look team! They really are all great! Take the class. Even if you have to travel!  It’s very hands on and worth the investment. I found out about the class through my sisterlock sis Kianna via IG, a connection I’m glad to have made! If I had to do it all over again I would. So if you’re thinking about it, just do it and step into your Divine Look!

- Jay -

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We are so excited to announce that "THE DIVINE EXPERIENCE" is now offering a Financing Option. If you are interested in more information about our financing please click the link below!

Enroll Now!

Secure Your Spot...

We are so EXCITED to have you!


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